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Aimee Parani

Amiee Parani

Aimee Parani and her husband, Chris, were overjoyed to learn that their second child, due in August 2013, would be a girl. A day later, her doctor called to tell Aimee she had breast cancer.

After initially being told by doctors in Florida that she would need to terminate the pregnancy to treat the cancer, Aimee and her family, which included Chris and four-year-old Gregory, moved home to New Jersey, searched for new doctors and endured months of specialized cancer treatment before giving birth to a healthy Paige Virginia Parani in August of 2013.

During the ordeal, Aimee was treated at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey by Dr. Deborah Toppmeyer. She underwent five months of chemotherapy during her pregnancy and a double mastectomy and reconstruction just weeks after giving birth.

The Paranis are a shining example of the work being done at RCINJ. They have recently shared their story with the Courier News in central New Jersey as well as other media outlets in the area.

The family owns a coffee shop in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, but remains in New Jersey with family as Aimee continues treatment for cancer.

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