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Lisa Marie Muccilo

Lisa Marie Muccilo

Lisa Marie Muccilo was a Young Survival Coalition Board Member, Out Reach and Education Committee Co-Chair and founder of the YSC of New Jersey. Lisa Marie helped so many young women get through their diagnosis and treatment while fighting her own battle with breast cancer. She touched many lives by speaking to corporations, students and to other survivors about life with breast cancer.

After being diagnosed at 27 years old with aggressive breast cancer, Lisa Marie in her selfless manner helped family and friends around her cope with her disease. Despite her circumstances Lisa never complained. She was always living and enjoying life, an inspiration to those around her.

Lisa Marie was a beautiful, loving and compassionate person who was taken from us much too soon on August 18, 2003 at 33 years old. Her passion to help young women with breast cancer will continue through the Young Survival Coalition.

The Young Survival Coalition works to change the face of breast cancer and to increase the quality and quantity of life for all young women affected by breast cancer.

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