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Cindy Thomsen

Cindy Thomsen

Cindy is a two-time breast cancer survivor who has combined her passions for golf and wine and defeating breast cancer to raise over $150,000 (with another $100,000 expected in May 2006) for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Orange County Affiliate.

Her life was carefree eight years ago when she was working in communications and marketing, playing golf and enjoying life. Her world changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, at age 33. She had a lumpectomy and radiation and made a full recovery. She went back to golfing and working. Then, the cancer returned four years later, more aggressive than before. But, because of early detection and treatment Cindy recovered following a double mastectomy which included altering her back muscles to help with the reconstruction. “Is this going to affect my golf swing,” Cindy had asked her doctors. It was a serious question to her. She was swinging a club 3 months later.

To celebrate being cancer-free for one year, she decided to go out with friends and play some golf. Combining her two loves of golf and wine she held an impromptu golf tournament planned in only six days and raised over $30,000. This gathering for golf is now the Reds Whites & Greens Charity Golf Classic, which has raised over $150,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Orange County Affiliate in only three years. Her May 17, 2006 event raised a record $100,000. Cindy not only plans a golf tournament every year, she has served on the committee for the Race for the Cure® for the past two years and has played an important role in recognizing over 1,200 survivors at a special breakfast and ceremony that honors their spirit and courage on Race day.

"If having cancer twice is the worst thing that happens to me, I’m a really lucky, lucky woman," Cindy says. "I'm fortunate to have survived – not once, but twice. I have the ability to make a difference, why wouldn't I do something?"

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